Diet & Nutrition Therapy

Diet & Nutrition Therapy

Benefits of diet & nutrition therapy combining with physiotherapy

In the case of many of the functional diseases, nutrition and diet therapy plays an important role to set a path to recovery.

For example, what you eat can affect the speed of your body’s healing and can also impact on inflammation in the body, which contributes to some types of chronic pain conditions.

A dietitian can help you optimize your diet to help you build a lifestyle you enjoy. When making changes to your eating, you likely need to try out some different approaches for several weeks to start feeling the changes. An expert can help you with this process.

How do you start a healthy diet plan?

1. Find a Trained Professional
All of the research on the diet and nutritional therapy indicates that best results are possible when you get support from a qualified dietary professional who is well-versed in the diet.

2. Gather Your Resources and start a food diary
Start to keep track of everything eaten, the timing interval of the eating hours.

3. Notice patterns

Are there times of the day when you feel your best and other times when you get a little hangry? The types of foods, timing and the amount may play a role!

4. Start making small changes
Little changes add up over time. There’s no one-size-fits-all diet that works for everyone. A dietitian can help you gain the skills to make changes that work for you. The important thing is to choose behaviour changes that you can live with rather than quick-fixes and short-term diets that you can’t keep up in the long-run.

About Jasna Robinson

We welcome Jasna Robinson-Wright in our team, a registered dietitian nutritionist. Her areas of expertise include: Diabetes management and prevention, Public health nutrition, Indigenous food and nutrition, Eating disorders, Mindful eating, Maternal and young child nutrition, Food allergies and intolerances, Cooking, Health education and training healthcare providers, Public speaking, Resource development.

You can book an appointment with us to discuss your situation and we come up with the perfect plan for you.

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Our therapists often work with our on site Pilates trainer and Structural Integration (Rolfing) therapist to provide a total wellness program. We believe that coordination of care is essential for achieving optimal results.

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We pride ourselves in providing a unique service that is hands on, one-on-one, for a full hour. This time allows us to assess each patient’s unique medical history and conduct thorough evaluations.

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We implement individualized treatment programs which typically include varied manual therapy techniques, progressive strengthening and stretching programs, and gait and biomechanical analysis.

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We aim to remove your pain and develop personalized treatments while maintaining up-to date practices provided by our qualified experts. It is through dedication and a cohesive team of energetic and educated individuals that we will continue to uphold this vision.

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We will start with identifying the cause of the problem, not only the symptoms. We can then design a tailor-made treatment plan that will help you recover in the shortest period of time, so you can get back to enjoying your life to the fullest.

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