How to use household items as exercise equipment

May 19, 2020 by admin0

When gyms are shut and everyone is exercising social distancing, it’s time to setup a DIY gym at home. 

People who are hardcore workout fanatics are turning to iving room workouts. You too can make use of online workout apps and start your exercise, muscle strength and yoga sessions while you’re self isolating at home. Are you lacking gym equipment? Stop struggling and let’s help you find ways to workout by effectively substituting the gym equipment.


Stairs can be your best cardio session. Start with running up and down the stairs for a minute. How about using them for knee lifts, raised lunges or doing push-ups. 


Chairs can be used for so many exercises. Tricep dips, raised push-ups, reverse lunges, jumping jacks, step-ups (ask someone to hold the chair for you), leg raises and single-leg squats. Isn’t that cool? Let’s push ourselves to make the most of this lockdown.


How about replacing your dumbbells with packaged bottled water and baked bean tins. Do you know a large bag of potatoes can be perfect for doing front squats. 


One heavy book or a pile of two to three books together can be used for squat-press exercises. Use them for abdominal crunches too. 

Bed sheets 

Tie two ends of the bedsheet to your door handle to create a TRX based workout. 

All you need is your creative imagination! Who needs a gym when you have access to furniture? Workout should not stop, make your living room your home workout place.

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