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Graston therapy is a technique used for soft tissue mobilization. It is patented under manual therapy and makes use of stainless steel instruments to massage the skin gently. This therapy helps the practitioners to identify areas of restriction and break up the scar tissue.

It is an instrument based muscle mobilization technique. It is practiced by chiropractors, osteopathic physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists and sports therapists.

What are the different graston Instruments?

Graston technique mainly relies on 6 tools. These stainless tools have blunt, rounded edges. These instruments are both in concave and convex shapes. These are used to detect the affected parts and thus treat them.

How it is done?

A skilled physiotherapist uses a 2 step process to help the patient get rid of his pain.

Graston technique is adapted from an ancient technique of mobilizing soft tissues with hands. Graston treatment, however, uses tools to temporarily inflame the grain of the scar which increases the amount of blood flow around the area which will eventually aggravate the healing process. The tools are rubbed along the surface of soft tissues. There is a neurological effect associated with this treatment. Like other manual therapies when a person is given a soft tissue mobilization, it activates the nerve fibers.

What are scar tissues?

Whenever a soft tissue is injured, it repairs itself haphazardly. This is known as scar tissue. Although scar tissue is not painful, it will affect its performance. This stiffness of the muscle may lead to chronic pain.

Grayston technique can help treat both acute and chronic pain. Some of the areas that one might face this kind of pain are:

  • Lower back muscle sprain
  • Carpal tendon syndrome
  • Achilles tendon
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Cervical sprain and many others

Changing lifestyle and long working hours have an adverse on the posture of today’s generation. Poor posture is one of the key contributing factors. Proper treatment is required and Grayston therapy holds the potential to reduce the pain significantly.

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