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Keeping yourself fit and healthy is a good way to lead an active lifestyle. Physical activity helps in reducing joint pain and increases movement. Our joints are covered with a soft tissue called the synovial membrane, which produces a fluid that lubricates our bones, allowing us to move effortlessly. 

Benefits of doing exercises that boost the longevity of your joints

Increased blood flow

Exercise increases blood circulation in the body including our joints. As a result, the synovial membrane is exposed to a steady supply of nourishing oxygen and nutrients.

Nourishment to the joints

When lifting weights while exercising the joints bear all the pressure and forces to release water molecules out of the cartilage which supplies oxygen and nutrients that provides necessary nourishment to the joints.

Joint wear and tear process is activated

Research shows that joint movement activates the genes associated with the wear and tear of the cartilage. Overdoing exercise can rupture the cartilage. Sufficient exercise is enough to keep your joints healthy.

Cellular waste is removed

Exercise removes damaged cells from the joints and helps in healthy cell generation. Regular fitness keeps the joints active and reduces the chances of joint related pains like arthritis.

Building of muscle mass

Exercise strengthens the muscles, ligaments and tendons surrounding the joints. When these tissues are strong, they act like a brace to protect the joint and lessen the pressure on weak joints.


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